BLM Champs Sweatshirt

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Omar Hassanien, aka Kicksolio, is known for his custom rework projects and has always had a passion for design and fashion. In his formative years, Omar along with his brother took over a small print shop and added embroidery services to the mix- initially offering custom caps.  Over time the brothers grew interested in launching a brand of their own and using their self-taught skills to create their own unique pieces. Thus came forth Olio Studios in 2017.

The idea for this particular crew neck was inspired by a cause they are passionate about. Coming from an African heritage, the subject of black empowerment and activism is something they have been very much alive to their entire lives.  The vision, here, was to create a piece for people who are well aware of the subtle statements presented and amplify them to bring awareness to the unspoken rules of engagement and speak on it.


A portion of the proceeds will go to Black Legal Action Centre